The Night He Died


Ran shackled buildings, mirrored my time worn spirit

Hours  passed, and birds had flown, and

Soon- Dusk...  beget nightfall.

Crows hid, Inside the pitch of black

and cats, roamed cryptic alleys.


As I yielded to life's abandonment,

vague were the  memories

of that somber night.

Dripping in perfumed tears,

dreary and hollow did the earth embrace me.

I cursed the eve of death.


Barren, I lay, crumbled and dour.

Dressed in garb's blackness-

Every face and stare, went unnoticed,

for void were my eyes, streaked

with crimson. And far were dismal

echoes of communication,

as, the sound of death, drowned

the  crickets stridulation.


A crash of light came.... uninvited

but, downcast were my eyes.

And yarrow, did not bloom.