The Death of a Rose

A rose without love will wither and die.

Do you know why?

A symbol of beauty and undying love,

Like a lone dove up above, without Love,

….a rose will wither and die.

I tell you it is no lie. In all her perfection,

Without constant affection,

Or, abundant protection…

She’ll feel the rejection

And wither and die.


A rose left out in the cold,

Can no longer stand brazen and bold.

A Rose without Passion..

Or lack of compassion…

In all of her fashion.

Will only wither and die.


Yes a Rose will wither and die

Like devotion misplaced

A rose defaced, it has no place-

So it only will wither and die.


A rose will close up wither and die

Her display of crimson will not glisten

Like a woman scorned, no longer adorned

She’ll end up prickly and thorned.


A Rose will wither and die

Now this you can’t deny

Like a heart fed nothing but lies

And eyes that cry, like a bleeding heart

Calling its lover a broken wing

That loses its flutter.

A Rose will wither and die.


A Rose not cherished will wither and die

No matter how it tries

Its petals parish, its leaves dry

It will not thrive, have the will to survive

Can not be revived only die.


With inner most beauty running so deep

A rose without Love, can only weep

And none of its loveliness you’ll ever reap

So Goes The Death Of A Rose.