Fade into rains chatter

on streets of cobblestone

vision faces in the scatter

where leaves have blown

leaves have blown.


Ascend the Eiffel tower

chat in quaint,  sidewalk cafes

inhale scents of botanical gardens

in scents of sage,

scents of sage


Then we will savor the Moulin

my lips torrid, in rouge

explore the acts of can can

Can we indulge?

we indulge


And then jet set to Manhattan

and parade Park avenue,

And every street in fashion

we will pursue…

will pursue.


Then off to Central Park

demonstrating   peace and love

as we watch the sunset until dark

in skies above,

yes, skies above.


We'll get lost in the moment,

of every hour in Times square

And when the clock strikes midnight,

we will be there,

will be there


To live a life on Broadway

and maybe catch a show or two;

Then applaud our own poetic plays

Just me and you….

me and you


Will torch the cities of the night,

 both Paris and Manhattan.

Then paint dim the city lights,

in sheets of red satin….

sheets of red satin.