October Blue


Dawn beautiful October blue

now bare to hostile blazon winds

gone now the cordial morning dew

paint pallets, harvest time begins.


Tally the hours of Indian Summer

where butternut suns still give warm

to wash beaten skies where there is no slumber

and leaden days of Autumn mourn.


In russet brilliance birds do squawk

as Summer fields call them to reason

for the turning of the tall corn stalks

and copper fields staunch in season.


Murmuring leaves scrape firebrick walls

in mulled vermillion and speckled maze

toasty chestnuts,  now heavily fall

on to frames of burgundy blaze.


So shamefully nude the willow weeps

and Golden Oaks  lay barren, old

patterns crackle and blow in wild woods deep

and gilded gold, grow ghostly, silver, branches cold.