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Darling i Forgive Thee

Posted by Rita F. Tatum on Saturday, August 6, 2011, In : Free Verse 
Shall I forgive thee my darling
Now that our time is never more
Shall i turn blind eyed, to remnants
scattered, upon the oceans floor.

Shall i forgive thee?
Ill starred, are now my warmest skies
Shall i but drown in bitter tears
before my now benighted eyes?

Can I forget thee darling....and the song
I hummed beneath your artful strokes.
Before you fled into the night
This strange devotion you evoked.

Oh, my darkest darling
I will ever bless your tortured soul
My lagging heart, still holds so tight
For, sadd...

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This Bitter Earth

Posted by Rita F. Tatum on Saturday, August 6, 2011, In : Free Verse 

This Bitter Earth. . . . . . .( I am Earth )


I am the rise of creation

I borrow the solar, and

foreshadow the moon.


i am a blade of grass cut

by the wind.

The marsh of darkness


A tunnel of frozen tears


I breathe the potpourri of seasoned bark.

I am........Lily of the valley


I am sculpture, upon mountains

And crust, of the ocean's floor.


I seed in the dess...

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About Me

Rita Tatum is a poet and writer of short stories. She currently resides in Akron Ohio. Her first poem, titled “Touched by an Angel “, describe her feelings, about a child suffering from a terminal illness. Her story “Going South” , a memoir of her childhood visit to the south, was published in “2001”. She enjoys reading and writing various types of poetry. Her poems have been featured on various poetry sites.

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